Tip of the day!

One easy way to heal yourself is through service to others. Helping people and add value to their lives assists you to evolve by removing yourself from your current situation.

Stepping away to see yourself in a different light allows you to empathise with yourself to truly see the real reasons and feelings driving you down a certain path.

It is human nature for all behaviours to be driven by what is highest on one’s list of values. This is natural and should be encouraged as one’s passion can lead them to the fulfilment of their destiny.

However, when behaviours are more negative than positive then you should reassess the hierarchy of what’s most and least important to you. In this life you were born with everything to gain. Success is your birthright and so your actions should be aligned with this notion in order to keep moving forward.


The power of intuition

We are all born with the gift of intuition. The inner knowing that you feel in your gut serves as a guide to direct you towards your destiny.

Each person you meet, obstacle you encounter and choice you make serves it’s purpose by playing it’s role in the evolution of your consciousness. If you are ever stuck, not knowing what direction to take your life that is your answer. You came here for personal growth and to accomplish tasks that are unique to your soul’s progression. There is nothing good or bad, it is all just learning.

So when you don’t know which way to turn, go in the direction of your heart. It will lead you to where you are meant to be.

Spending time in nature grounds your vibration. Do it as often as you can.

Spending time in nature grounds your vibration. Do it as often as you can.

Trust yourself



Trust your dreams. The inner nudge you feel that constantly draws you back down a certain path to pursue particular interests is guiding you to your destiny. So in this instance, always listen to your heart, because the steps you take will lead you in the right direction. Have courage to move past any doubts or setbacks, as every experience you have gone through in your life leading up to now has prepared you to take on a new level of greatness and have the most amazing memories you have ever had. Believe that the best is yet to come.

The REAL cause of heart disease and premature death!

Ok Paleo friends, I know most of us have done our research and are well aware about the great cholesterol myth! Cholesterol DOES NOT cause heart disease! Back in the 1950s Ancel Keys put forward the lipid hypothesis. The short clip below will fill you in on Keys and his findings.

There are FOUR indicators that cause heart disease and premature death.

  1. Inflammation. Chronic inflammation of cells places stress on your vascular system and eventually leads to disease.
  2. Oxidation. Damage to cells, protein and fatty lipid structures such as hormones will eventually lead to disease.
  3. Sugar. Infringes on efficient functioning of every metabolic process in your body, for various physiological reasons. Excess and constant sugar consumption will eventually lead to disease.
  4. Stress. This response to internal and external stressors raises stress hormones in turn causing cells to age and this process feeds almost any form of infirmity. Constant, elevated stress will eventually lead to disease and can be the biggest killer of the lot.

How can you eliminate your risk factors for heart disease and other metabolic diseases?

Eat, live and breath Paleo!

Paleo is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. Paleo eating is extensive and there is no limit to how many recipes you can devise or how delicious your food can taste. Food that was present 10,000 years ago and food that is IN SEASON is what you should be eating! Why? Because it is embedded in your DNA. Our bodies evolved on this food and so making such choices will enable optimum gene expression. An abundance of organic fats, vegetables, fruits, animal protein and water should be the only thing on your menu.

A little word on stress…Our ancestors knew how to prevent stress and reduce it before it became a problem. This is because they knew that living in a stressful state was not advantageous for survival, staying alive and being a valuable member of any tribe. In this modern day world it is important to do things daily to reduce stress.

  • Practise yoga, Pilates and stretch everyday.
  • Meditate daily.
  • Do the things you love. Always make time to fulfil your interests and passions.
  • Be true to yourself. Only make choices that resonate with your core values and make you truly happy.
  • Speak up. Let others know how you are feeling. Don’t bottle your emotions.
  • Nurture close relationships with family and friends. They are your support network and will be there for you to turn to when you are stressed and need help.
  • Practice gratitude daily. At the end of each day write a list of everything you are grateful for. This simple exercise will also help attract abundance and positivity in your life. Do it before you go to bed and you will fall asleep feeling peaceful and optimistic about the future.

So there you have it. Now you know the REAL causes of heart disease and premature death. Tell everyone you know, family and friends. Go buy some organic butter and organic coconut oil right now and put it on your vegetables and meat, because fats are essential for the absorption of vitamin A,D,E and K AND for healthy cell structure and hormone production. Cholesterol is an AMAZING thing. It is a powerful antioxidant in the body and vital for the integrity of every cell in the body. I love cholesterol and I am grateful for it’s anti-oxidative, protective qualities. I wouldn’t be alive without it.

Read more about these four causes here http://jonnybowdenblog.com/cholesterol-myth/




The Ultimate Art Of Self-care

I can not think of a better goal for 2013 than to take greater care of myself. I think I do a pretty good job of this at the moment, but I know that I can improve by not feeling guilty when I say no to things or just simply, put myself first.

Ways that you can practise the ultimate art of self-care,

  • Buy the best quality food you can afford. Your body is a gift and the sum of all it’s functions really deem it as a miracle. Only fuel your body with clean, nutritious food. You were given your body to live in to perform life tasks and learn lessons. Do your best to appreciate it.
  • Make time for exercise. Your mind and body crave it. Our bodies were designed to walk, sprint and lift heavy things. If have a sedentary lifestyle your body will not have optimum body composition and you will literally look like someone who sits down all day.
  • Spend time in the sun. The sun strengthens your aura in turn boosting your immune system and providing energy.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Only you know how much sleep your body needs to function at it’s best. Be sure to sleep enough so you wake up feeling happy and eager to carry out the tasks for the day.
  • Delegate jobs. Whether it’s at home or in the office, share your workload with others. Do not burden yourself with so much work that you know you don’t have time for.
  • Speak up. Tell your partner, family member or friend what is really on your mind. Do not bottle up your emotions because this will only turn to resentment, which will eventually cause disease. You do not want that.
  • Strive for the best. Success is your divine right. We all came here to succeed and go from strength to strength. Whoever you believe to be your creator, know that they want you to enjoy life, not the other way around.
  • Do not criticise yourself, ever. Each time you put yourself down you are not loving yourself. Focus on thinking positive things and know how great you are.
  • Do not criticise others. What you put out comes straight back. If you speak nicely of people and treat them with kindness you will attract this into your life, but remember, you must believe that you deserve this and abolish all fear associated with not being worthy for it to come back to you.
  • Make your dreams your reality. Listen to what you really want. Go after what you truly deeply desire in life and live it for yourself. Live your life the way you want, do not listen to others.

Being true to yourself is the corner stone for the art of ultimate self-care. This means being in touch with your real self, which endeavours to extend/receive love and to also fulfil goals and ambitions. Passion is the driving force of life and directs you to doing what makes you happy. Never deny yourself of partaking in interests that bring you the most joy and make no excuses for your choices.

You only have one life so make sure you create one you love to live.


Tip of The Day – Sweet Cravings

When you feel like something sweet, do not despair!

It is this very point that a lot of people forget about clean eating. They grab the nearest sugar laden food because the thought of living another minute without something sweet seems impossible! My quick fix is a cup of loose leaf dandelion tea with fresh lemon and a few drops of organic stevia.

If you find you are constantly craving sweets you need to do one or both of the following,

1. Eat more fats. If you eat enough fats you will not crave sugar. Eat at least 1 teaspoon of organic fats with each meal. Put organic butter on your vegetables, sauté food in coconut oil and dress your salads with cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.

2. Come to terms with the real reason you are craving something sweet. This would be emotional. Are you stopping yourself from reaching your ultimate goal for reasons like a personal belief that you’re not worthy to be completely happy? Or are you masking other uncomfortable feelings with food that makes you feel good?

Whatever the issue is that keeps you going back for more, find out what it is, because really, enough is enough. If you are one of these people, take the following on board.

You have lived every year up to now with the same food and lifestyle patterns, giving you the same body that you’re not satisfied with. It is not too late. Live the rest of your life in the best shape of your life. Plus, continue living in the healthiest body you have ever had.

You do not need a new year to make changes, but it just so happens 2013 is literally just over a week away. Make the changes now and start living like the person you need to be to have the results you deserve.

happy woman at beach