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Follow me on instagram @sylvixsylvx

Follow me on instagram @sylvixsylvx

The importance of forgiveness


If you want to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life then this is true. Resentment manifests in the physical body in all different ways that will eventually affect your health. We need to forgive all the time, everyday and for our entire lives.

Forgiveness is being able to fully empathise with another’s actions and then completely letting go. It doesn’t mean you condone the behaviour, rather you choose to move forward with no energetic ties attached.

You don’t need to know how to forgive, but if you want to forgive then the universe will show you how. But you need to let go of all associated feelings and thoughts to be aligned with what you need to see.

Present moment

Remember that you are more than whatever you are experiencing in your present life. The real source of you is above you and a true description of who you really are. Emotions that are out of balance signify that you need to ground yourself because the earth bound perception of who you think you are is currently amplifying certain energy centres. Become peaceful by removing yourself consciously from unbalanced vibrations and move into a balanced existence through meditation, reflection and practising the ultimate art of self care.

How to stop worrying

Something I realised this morning while I was walking.

There is never a loss without a gain. So when something goes wrong you have to ask ‘how does it serve me’.

Looking back at my past experiences I realise I have gone through a lot of pain, but I also received a lot of positives. Whenever I feel anxiety about something that I think might cause me more loss than pleasure based on past experiences, I have to neutralise past memories by realising all the positives I received from the event until the positives outweigh the negatives, and the  negatives dissolve.

I know that fear is an imbalanced perspective because there are no one sided events. I realise that there is nothing to feel anxious about because no matter what happens I will be able to handle it and I will receive a gain.

Moreover, I decided that being happy is a choice, so no outside event can ever take it away from me.



‘I may not be there today, but I am closer than where I was yesterday’

‘I may not be there today, but I am closer than where I was yesterday’

Do you remind yourself of this on a daily basis? If you don’t, maybe it is time you do. One reason people simply give up while on the road to success is not seeing immediate change or receiving instant gratification.

What you need to remember is success will not happen overnight. Success is the total sum of daily, cumulative efforts, applied with the power of intent. This means applying focused energy that will bring you closer to have better abilities at performing tasks and making better choices that will only benefit you and bring you success.

In terms of transforming your body each time you look in the mirror and you do not see a big difference remember, ‘I may not be there today, but I am closer than where I was yesterday’. Daily efforts will establish routine and positive habits that imperative for ultimate fat loss and better health.

In order to evolve you must practise positive self-talk on a daily basis so use this affirmation each day, undoubtedly believe in yourself and just watch everything fall into place.

One of the best things of being alive is the ability to achieve. Expect the best from yourself, set the bar high and watch how good will be.

One of the best things about being alive is the ability to achieve. Expect the best from yourself, set the bar high and watch how good you will be.

Firm & Tone Leg Workout!

Complete this simple circuit from 1 to 6.

Repeat 4 to 5 times.

Don’t hold back, throw yourself into each exercise and make it work!

1. B.B or D.B full squats. Meaning, butt to your heels! 20 reps.

2. D.B split squats, back leg on bosu, 20 reps.

3. B.B wide squats. Feet out wide, turn legs out from hips, back straight, tuck hips under and squeeze your inner thighs and glutes as you go up and down. 20 reps.

4. Leg curl, 20 reps.

5. Leg extension, 20 reps.

6. X-Trainer, 3minutes..10/10 effort!

When it comes to leg training and especially for women, you really get what you put in. The more intense your sessions are, the tighter and leaner your legs will become. Kept rest periods minimal and push yourself beyond your perceived limits.

When it comes to leg training and especially for women, you really get what you put in. The more intense your sessions are, the tighter and leaner your legs will become. Kept rest periods minimal and push yourself beyond your perceived limits.


Hello Paleolovers! Here is another great Paleo pizza recipe. Give it a try and let me know how you go!!

Superfoods and Super You

Cauliflower Pizza Base!

I’m really into Cauliflower at the moment, this versatile veg is great substituted for potatoes in mash, or grated to make rice, and can be eaten raw, roasted or steamed for a great addition to your salads.

Cauliflower is high in Vitamins C, B1 and B2 and is a great source of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sulphur.


1/2 grated Cauliflower

1 cup coconut flower

Herbs of your choice (I used finely chopped rosemary and oregano)

3 eggs

Dash of olive oil

1 clove of minced garlic

What to do:

Mix all ingredients together, add more oil or coconut flower depending on the consistency.

Roll half the mixture into a ball and with a rolling pin roll out between two sheets of baking paper.

Place on oven or pizza tray and bake at 180 for about 15mins, I didn’t have a pizza tray(can you tell?) but for presentations sake one would be great.

Add your topping…

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The Ultimate Art Of Self-care

I can not think of a better goal for 2013 than to take greater care of myself. I think I do a pretty good job of this at the moment, but I know that I can improve by not feeling guilty when I say no to things or just simply, put myself first.

Ways that you can practise the ultimate art of self-care,

  • Buy the best quality food you can afford. Your body is a gift and the sum of all it’s functions really deem it as a miracle. Only fuel your body with clean, nutritious food. You were given your body to live in to perform life tasks and learn lessons. Do your best to appreciate it.
  • Make time for exercise. Your mind and body crave it. Our bodies were designed to walk, sprint and lift heavy things. If have a sedentary lifestyle your body will not have optimum body composition and you will literally look like someone who sits down all day.
  • Spend time in the sun. The sun strengthens your aura in turn boosting your immune system and providing energy.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Only you know how much sleep your body needs to function at it’s best. Be sure to sleep enough so you wake up feeling happy and eager to carry out the tasks for the day.
  • Delegate jobs. Whether it’s at home or in the office, share your workload with others. Do not burden yourself with so much work that you know you don’t have time for.
  • Speak up. Tell your partner, family member or friend what is really on your mind. Do not bottle up your emotions because this will only turn to resentment, which will eventually cause disease. You do not want that.
  • Strive for the best. Success is your divine right. We all came here to succeed and go from strength to strength. Whoever you believe to be your creator, know that they want you to enjoy life, not the other way around.
  • Do not criticise yourself, ever. Each time you put yourself down you are not loving yourself. Focus on thinking positive things and know how great you are.
  • Do not criticise others. What you put out comes straight back. If you speak nicely of people and treat them with kindness you will attract this into your life, but remember, you must believe that you deserve this and abolish all fear associated with not being worthy for it to come back to you.
  • Make your dreams your reality. Listen to what you really want. Go after what you truly deeply desire in life and live it for yourself. Live your life the way you want, do not listen to others.

Being true to yourself is the corner stone for the art of ultimate self-care. This means being in touch with your real self, which endeavours to extend/receive love and to also fulfil goals and ambitions. Passion is the driving force of life and directs you to doing what makes you happy. Never deny yourself of partaking in interests that bring you the most joy and make no excuses for your choices.

You only have one life so make sure you create one you love to live.


Do you want to look like this?


How great does she look? The best thing I could tell you is that you can achieve a lean, strong & muscular body like this if you follow the principles of a Paleo lifestyle and approach to eating!

1. Eat in a way that enables your best gene expression. Remember, our DNA is only 1% different to that of our primal ancestors!

2. Eat clean, no processed food, no sugar and drink only water, day after day, week after week.

3. Lift heavy weights 3-4 times a week. If you want leaner looking legs go for slightly lighter weights and high reps.

4. Perform high intensity cardio, i.e. interval training 2-3 times a week.

5. Eat food that agrees with your body. Do not eat food you are allergic to or that you don’t tolerate well. This will result in poor digestion and inflammation of your cells. When this occurs fat loss and metabolism of macronutrients will not be efficient. So for instance, if you know you don’t tolerate dairy well, do not eat it, and if you think you might be allergic to gluten, which a lot of people are, go and get tested!

6. Dry body brushing each day (with a natural bristle brush) will exfoliate your skin, help eliminate toxins and improve circulation to breakdown cellulite.

7. Eliminate all sources of xenoestrogens from your diet and lifestyle. Xenoestrogens are chemicals that mimic the actions of oestrogen in the body. This results in excess body fat stored around the hips and legs. This would include but not limited to, food wrapped in plastic, food heated in plastic tupperware containers, chemical laden cosmetics and personal care products. Check out all my organic and natural make-up and skin products I use here

8. Be disciplined! This means choosing behaviours and making food choices that will determine your long term results and avoiding decisions that will fulfil short term cravings and desires. Read this to discover why discipline is the essential key to success

9. Visualise, persist and put your training and food before everything else, for example, when you wake up on the weekend train and cook your food before you go out for the day! Do whatever it takes to get there.