Tip of the day!

One easy way to heal yourself is through service to others. Helping people and add value to their lives assists you to evolve by removing yourself from your current situation.

Stepping away to see yourself in a different light allows you to empathise with yourself to truly see the real reasons and feelings driving you down a certain path.

It is human nature for all behaviours to be driven by what is highest on one’s list of values. This is natural and should be encouraged as one’s passion can lead them to the fulfilment of their destiny.

However, when behaviours are more negative than positive then you should reassess the hierarchy of what’s most and least important to you. In this life you were born with everything to gain. Success is your birthright and so your actions should be aligned with this notion in order to keep moving forward.


The power of intuition

We are all born with the gift of intuition. The inner knowing that you feel in your gut serves as a guide to direct you towards your destiny.

Each person you meet, obstacle you encounter and choice you make serves it’s purpose by playing it’s role in the evolution of your consciousness. If you are ever stuck, not knowing what direction to take your life that is your answer. You came here for personal growth and to accomplish tasks that are unique to your soul’s progression. There is nothing good or bad, it is all just learning.

So when you don’t know which way to turn, go in the direction of your heart. It will lead you to where you are meant to be.

Spending time in nature grounds your vibration. Do it as often as you can.

Spending time in nature grounds your vibration. Do it as often as you can.

Writing for success!


One habit that all individuals who have achieved massive success in one or more areas of their lives is keeping a journal. Daily writing is an important step to affirm your intentions, redefine your goals and keep your momentum going.

Consider documenting the following,

1. A daily gratitude list. Those who are grateful attract more positive things into their lives and have more to be grateful for. Gratitude is the key to opening the heart and attracting love from all facets of life.

2. Your life’s mission statement. What is it that you feel destined to do…the one thing you feel completely, 100% drawn to?

3. Your highest values. If you live according to your highest values you will feel fulfilled.

4. Positive affirmations. Practising positive affirmations daily is a great way to form new thought habits and neural pathways in the brain for specific patterns of cognition.

5. Your goals explained in great detail. Write down exactly how you are going to achieve something. Visualise it’s attainment. What does it feel like emotionally and physically? Imagination is powerful and it is just as important as any other step in your journey of success.

So there you have it, five things to start filling your journal with. At first daily writing may take some time getting used to but once you form this habit it will become an integral part of your daily work and you will ultimately surpass all your expectations for success.


Train Like An Athlete!



Success is not a skill..it is a persistent attitude! 

How do you know if you are training hard enough?

Your heart rate should be up

Your respiratory rate will increase

You will sweat

Your muscles will burn and feel heavy

Your weight should be heavy enough so you get to the end of your set, you should not be able to lift anymore

You do not stop and talk to people during your workout

Your technique, exertion and consistency in movement is more important than your hair or clothes. Do not stop mid-way to fix your appearance!

You leave the gym satisfied, the muscles you trained are fatigued..and you’re hungry…ready to eat!

Are you training like you want results?

The Ultimate Art Of Self-care

I can not think of a better goal for 2013 than to take greater care of myself. I think I do a pretty good job of this at the moment, but I know that I can improve by not feeling guilty when I say no to things or just simply, put myself first.

Ways that you can practise the ultimate art of self-care,

  • Buy the best quality food you can afford. Your body is a gift and the sum of all it’s functions really deem it as a miracle. Only fuel your body with clean, nutritious food. You were given your body to live in to perform life tasks and learn lessons. Do your best to appreciate it.
  • Make time for exercise. Your mind and body crave it. Our bodies were designed to walk, sprint and lift heavy things. If have a sedentary lifestyle your body will not have optimum body composition and you will literally look like someone who sits down all day.
  • Spend time in the sun. The sun strengthens your aura in turn boosting your immune system and providing energy.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Only you know how much sleep your body needs to function at it’s best. Be sure to sleep enough so you wake up feeling happy and eager to carry out the tasks for the day.
  • Delegate jobs. Whether it’s at home or in the office, share your workload with others. Do not burden yourself with so much work that you know you don’t have time for.
  • Speak up. Tell your partner, family member or friend what is really on your mind. Do not bottle up your emotions because this will only turn to resentment, which will eventually cause disease. You do not want that.
  • Strive for the best. Success is your divine right. We all came here to succeed and go from strength to strength. Whoever you believe to be your creator, know that they want you to enjoy life, not the other way around.
  • Do not criticise yourself, ever. Each time you put yourself down you are not loving yourself. Focus on thinking positive things and know how great you are.
  • Do not criticise others. What you put out comes straight back. If you speak nicely of people and treat them with kindness you will attract this into your life, but remember, you must believe that you deserve this and abolish all fear associated with not being worthy for it to come back to you.
  • Make your dreams your reality. Listen to what you really want. Go after what you truly deeply desire in life and live it for yourself. Live your life the way you want, do not listen to others.

Being true to yourself is the corner stone for the art of ultimate self-care. This means being in touch with your real self, which endeavours to extend/receive love and to also fulfil goals and ambitions. Passion is the driving force of life and directs you to doing what makes you happy. Never deny yourself of partaking in interests that bring you the most joy and make no excuses for your choices.

You only have one life so make sure you create one you love to live.


Do you want to look like this?


How great does she look? The best thing I could tell you is that you can achieve a lean, strong & muscular body like this if you follow the principles of a Paleo lifestyle and approach to eating!

1. Eat in a way that enables your best gene expression. Remember, our DNA is only 1% different to that of our primal ancestors!

2. Eat clean, no processed food, no sugar and drink only water, day after day, week after week.

3. Lift heavy weights 3-4 times a week. If you want leaner looking legs go for slightly lighter weights and high reps.

4. Perform high intensity cardio, i.e. interval training 2-3 times a week.

5. Eat food that agrees with your body. Do not eat food you are allergic to or that you don’t tolerate well. This will result in poor digestion and inflammation of your cells. When this occurs fat loss and metabolism of macronutrients will not be efficient. So for instance, if you know you don’t tolerate dairy well, do not eat it, and if you think you might be allergic to gluten, which a lot of people are, go and get tested!

6. Dry body brushing each day (with a natural bristle brush) will exfoliate your skin, help eliminate toxins and improve circulation to breakdown cellulite.

7. Eliminate all sources of xenoestrogens from your diet and lifestyle. Xenoestrogens are chemicals that mimic the actions of oestrogen in the body. This results in excess body fat stored around the hips and legs. This would include but not limited to, food wrapped in plastic, food heated in plastic tupperware containers, chemical laden cosmetics and personal care products. Check out all my organic and natural make-up and skin products I use here https://paleolover.wordpress.com/paleo-beauty/

8. Be disciplined! This means choosing behaviours and making food choices that will determine your long term results and avoiding decisions that will fulfil short term cravings and desires. Read this to discover why discipline is the essential key to success https://paleolover.wordpress.com/category/discipline/

9. Visualise, persist and put your training and food before everything else, for example, when you wake up on the weekend train and cook your food before you go out for the day! Do whatever it takes to get there.

Warrior Thinking – How To Attract Abundance

Warriors know how to have it all. They understand that to have their best chance at making the most of this life they need to be enriched by everything that life has to offer them. One thing modern day warriors do daily is write a journal or make a mental running list of everything they are grateful for each day.

One of the best ways to attract abundance in your life is to practise gratefulness. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, count your blessings and realise how much you appreciate everything you have in your life. This could be your good health, loving relationships, true friendships, fun experiences, fulfilling job roles and nutritious food, which all fall under the umbrella of prosperity.

It is really easy to notice all the things others have in their lives. There will always be someone with a higher paying job, with a bigger house or with more education. You need to rise above your ego that tells you that you must compete and attain more than others. You must instead put all your energy into appreciating everything that’s already yours. Apply your best effort in your personal endeavours and look after everything else you have, for instance your strong body, family relations, friendships and even the relationship you have with yourself.

The universe loves knowing how grateful you are. As soon as you put out how much you love what you have, the universe will respond and mirror back more of what you have and want. This is because you are resonating in a high vibration that acknowledges you are confident, free of fear and ready to receive more abundance as your higher consciousness is in touch with the known truth, being that success and prosperity is your divine right and necessary for a fulfilling human experience on this earth.


Warrior Thinking Updated

How to turn around your thoughts

Changing a thought can be easy. Any perceived restriction on adjusting a thought pattern stems from fear and not loving yourself. Start affirming that ‘it is easy for me to change a thought pattern’.  Also be sure to watch your thoughts. Filter every idea, attitude or belief that floats through your brain during the day. Keep checking the page Warrior thinking for updates!



Tip of the day

If you’re like me, you are not drawn to Western Medicine. The holistic approach to health is much more appropriate to you because you believe in treating the cause, not just the symptom.

Natural remedies to get back to health are,

  • 1 Teaspoon of raw organic apple cider vinegar 3 times a day in water.
  • Ginger tea to heal inflammation. Thinly slice fresh ginger, bring to the boil then simmer for 10-15minutes.
  • Raw organic coconut oil to treat nearly everything you can think of!
  • Raw lemon for antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-boosting powers.
  • Meditation with crystals in sunlight. If you’re unsure of which crystal to choose, go with clear quartz. If a certain part of your body is affected, choose crystals that correlate to the appropriate charka. The combination of mediation, crystals and sunlight will raise your vibration and strengthen your aura, assisting your healing.
  • Practise positive affirmations. Start affirming ‘I deserve excellent health and I accept this now’ and ‘I lovingly release all fears and accept optimum health’ or ‘My body is always working towards optimum health’.
  • Sleep and rest. Take time off work and from the outside world. Turn off your phone and relax for a day or so. Your health and well-being is worth it.