What is Paleo?

The term Paleo refers to the Paleolithic period of human history that dates back around 10,000 years. During this era humans ate and lived in a completely different way to how we do now. Our ancestors hunted wild animals and gathered plants that were in season to eat. They alternated between taking long walks,  sprinting as quickly as they could from predators or not doing very much and resting for a day or more.

Fast forward to today and our DNA has only evolved 1% from this time! This is a great thing to know because you can now become excited about the fact that there is a real way you can eat and live to effortlessly loose fat, stay lean and be extremely healthy.

Your DNA tells your cells how to express themselves so for ultimate health and body composition you must eat and live in a way that enables optimum gene expression.

Our bodies have evolved on a diet high in fats, protein and seasonal vegetables/fruits so to allow the best functioning of your cells and optimum body composition this is how you must eat!

Paleo involves eating how our ancestors used to eat and includes,

  • Organic or wild animal protein
  • Vegetables and fruits that are in season
  • Abundance of organic fats from meat, lard, butter, cold-press olive oil and nuts
  • Full fat, organic dairy (some Paleo devotees do not eat dairy)
  • Water only

And doesn’t include,

  • Grains
  • Sugar
  • Gluten
  • Processed foods
  • Hydrogenated, refined oils (canola oil, vegetable oil and other seed oils)
  • Animal protein from animals that are fed hormones and grains such as corn
  • Genetically modified ingredients/food

Paleo eating is easy, delicious and cheap. There are hundreds of different meals you can prepare and once you have made the changes there is no limit to how great you can look and feel.

In simple terms, only eat food that your great-grandmother would recognise as food!

Paleo living is holistic in all sense of the word..

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