Below are testimonials from my wonderful clients! If you are a current or past client and would like to add yours please email me at resultstrainer@live.com

“Sylvia has been the best trainer, she pushed me to work harder every session we had but I still enjoyed every minute of it. Without Sylvia I honestly believe that I wouldn’t have achieved my goals of making it into the State 17/U Netball team and furthermore the Australian 17/U Netball. I always liked Sylvia’s session because although I was being pushed to work harder and harder, she was always encouraging and never critical. Sylvia is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and anyone would be lucky to have her as a PT!” Maria Masei.

“Hello my name is Brooke an I am one of Sylvia’s clients. She is an inspiring trainer who has helped me change my life by enjoying a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit. She pushes me to my limits that I never thought I could reach, which is a great feeling. I am the fittest I have ever been and I love training with her. I attend two personal training sessions a week and also boot camp on Saturdays. She runs a fabulous program that gets your whole body working. I would like to thank Sylvia for all the effort she has put in to helping me archive my goals”. Brooke Reinmuth.

“I have been training at an outdoors boot camp for a couple of weeks now, I can’t recommend Sylvia enough.

I have very high expectations of a personal trainer and all the ones I have had in the past have failed miserably to help me achieve my goals.

What I like best about Sylvia is her boot camps are different every week, more challenging and never boring.

She takes special notice of each individual in the group, and  takes the time after every class to let you know where you are improving and gives you extra hints and tips  with eating plans and various extra things, not just fitness.

I can truthfully say with Clean eating and Sylvia help I will get to my goals, I have lost 12KG already!” Lisa Fisher.

“I have been training with Sylvia for over 12 months now. I have seen amazing improvement in my fitness in this time and learnt that training really can make a difference. Sylvia has taught me a lot about nutrition and always has great new advice. She pushes me to achieve my best in every session and I always walk away feeling great, exhausted but great! The best thing I have learnt through training with Sylvia is how hard I can push myself. I highly recommend Sylvia to anyone looking to challenge themselves and learn just how much they can do!” Kristen Lechte.

“8 years down the track with hard training and eating the right foods . I did my first fun run on the weekend Run for the kids. It was a 15 Kilometre run around the city off Melbourne through Burnley tunnel, Docklands and over the Bolte Bridge. I did this run in memory off my sister Vanessa who sadly passed away with heart problems 14 years ago. She would have been 21 now. There was 35, 000 people doing the race so any one can give it a go!  
I have been seeing Sylvia at the lakes gym as a personal trainer for about 2 years now. In that time I have built the confidence and belief that I can do anything! I highly recommend her if you want to change your life around. Go for it !!!” Travis Brennan. 
“I started training with Sylvia almost 2 years ago. Weight loss wasn’t a concern for me but I desperately needed to tone and firm up. Now, this wasn’t easy for me because I love nothing more than being lazy and exercise has always been last on my to do list. I knew the only way I was able to get started would be with some serious motivation in form of a personal trainer.
Well, I cannot recommend Sylvia (Total Body Transformation) enough. She not only got me off my butt, but she kept the workouts interesting in switching it up on a regular base and tailoring it to my needs, which is rather important when you have certain problem areas or injuries.  We have done everything from boxing to weights, intervall training and cardio. As a result, I now look better now at 40 than I did at 20! I even changed my training time from 30 to 45 minutes/3x a week and love working out with her.
She is tough when needed and I need it a lot… But above all, she always makes sure you posture is correct and you don’t lose motivation or the fun in working out.
The second biggest thing she has done for me is that she totally changed the way I  look at food. That was a long journey and I used to roll my eyes a lot when she started laying into me (sorry Sylvia…) about my diet. If only I had listened sooner. She is bang on with everything she teaches and food is one of the most important changes that one has to do when serious about getting active. The biggest results I only saw once I started to eat clean – it is really true!
So THANK YOU Sylvia for everything you have taught me, I really do appreciate every little thing you passed on to me. For me, all of those things have been life changing. I now am happier, healthier and in great shape.
If you are serious about getting started and active, Sylvia is your ‘Go-to-girl’ for sure”. Daniela Thuess.

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