Eat treats & stay lean. This is how…

Anyone who has achieved fat loss, increased their muscle tone and transformed their body inside and out, know one thing. The only way they reached their goal was by eating clean and training hard consistently, day after day, week after week. Such a person would only eat a treat meal when they had earned it and so, an indulgence would have little affect on their body composition.

What does this tell you? Before you relax a little and have your treat more often than no,t you must build up your bank. You must put in the hard yards before you can loosen up a bit. If you loose focus before you reached this stage you will continue to undo your hard work, you will plateau and your body will not get to that next level.

So make the sacrifices now and be disciplined. You will want to give up, but whatever you do, DON’T! Do not give into your emotions. Your rational mind must be the leader in this internal debate. Turn around your behaviours and if you’re doing well, do even better.

Be the best version of YOU that you can be!


Overweight, fatigued, depressed? Read on to find out what you should be eating…


Our primal ancestors lived off the land. They were intuitive, highly skilled hunters and gatherers. Food was natural, chemical free and unaltered. Fortunately your DNA has only evolved 1% since this era dating back 10,000 years ago. You can use this knowledge to your advantage and only consume food that you know will  allow optimum gene expression.

So what is natural, chemical free food? Clean food is whole and unaltered, for instance, fresh vegetables pulled out of the ground or full fat, raw milk.

It does not include

  • Rancid, hydrogenated oils like canola oil, vegetable oil and other seed oils.
  • Processed, packaged food.
  • Processed food containing sugar in the form of fructose, high fructose corn syrup, evaporated cane sugar…any form of refined, toxic sugar!
  • Food that contains artificial sweeteners, preservatives and colours.
  • Any food that is genetically modified. Do your research and be informed. Do not believe scientists who tell you that GMO is safe. Your body does not agree with food that has altered DNA. You do not need a special qualification to figure this out.
  • Animals that are fed grains and injected with an array of anti-biotics and hormones. Cows for example evolved by eating grass. If you eat grain fed beef you will not be as healthy as you should be as the cow you eat was sick. Moreover, our primal ancestors ate wild animals that contained no  injected toxins.

Keep the above points in mind and share this article with your family and friends.

The path to a disease free life and lean body is this simple. Avoid all the above like the plague and if it grew in the ground, walked on the earth or flew in the sky then eat it. Ditch the government endorsed food pyramid that was funded by the agricultural industry, which is designed to make you unhealthy and fat. Look back  to behaviours in our human history to realise what you need to do to be effortlessly healthy and have optimum body composition.

The Paleo approach to eating and living is the only sure fire way to live in a body that is full of energy, health and vitality. Make the change right now and you can start to see a difference in as little as a matter of days.

Fat Blasting Workout – Undo Holiday Damage!


When it comes to exercising for fat loss INTENSITY during the session is what matters!

This post doesn’t suggest that you can eat what you want this Christmas, then train and it will all be ok! You still need to watch what you eat! Calories do not count or matter. What matters is how food influences your hormones, as it is they which determine if your body stores or burns fat and produce health promoting or health damaging effects to the cells of your body. 

Do not forget your Paleo roots and eat hydrogenated, rancid, toxic oils such as canola and vegetable oil! Do not eat so much refined sugar that you start to feel sick!

What you can eat, is a bit more of what you normally eat or what falls into the Paleo category, such as, more root vegetables like potatoes on Christmas day or a Paleo friendly dessert.

So to get the most out of your training over the holiday period, here are some strategies to implement that mobilise as much stored glycogen and fat as possible! 

  1. Choose weight training instead of long, slow distance cardio. Weight training uses far more energy during the workout and also after for growth and repair of muscle cells.
  2. Select compound movements to perform with weights. These type of exercises will use more energy than isolation exercises.
  3. Perform bouts of high intense cardio movements between sets, i.e. burpees or skipping.
  4. Perform high intensity cardio, for instance, a 20minute running interval session. No longer than 10-20minutes. If you can go for longer you are not working hard enough. Note, HIIT is not for people new to exercise or pregnant.

Fat Blasting Holiday Circuit!

  1. One chin-up + one push-up X 15
  2. 1 minute skipping
  3. One D.B squat + one D.B shoulder press X 15
  4. 1 minute burpees
  5. 1 D.B walking lunge + 1 D.B bicep curl X 20
  6. 1 minute kettlebell swings
  7. Kettlebell squat to overhead press X 15

Perform in order from 1 to 7, 3-4 times. You should sweat, your heart rate will increase and at the end you should feel physically exhausted.

Who inspires you to stay in shape over the holidays? I always look up to Erin Stern to train hard, eat clean and stay disciplined at all times!

Who inspires you to stay in shape over the holidays? I always look up to Erin Stern to train hard, eat clean and stay disciplined at all times!


IMPORTANT, DISCLAIMER: This workout is for intermediate to advanced trainers. Seek clearance from your physician prior to commencing any physically activity including this program, especially if you have a heart condition, diabetes, injuries and any other form of infirmity. This program is not suitable for pregnant women.

Tip Of The Day – Get Results With Progressive Overload!

When it comes to weight training there are numerous principles that must be varied when working towards specific goals.

In general, progressive overload is crucial if you want to get stronger, tighter and leaner. Progressive overload must be employed when the weight you are using becomes too easy and when you stop seeing results.

Examples of progressive overload are,

  • Increase number of sets
  • Increase number of reps
  • Increase weight. When you get to the end of your set you should not be able to lift anymore.
  • Decrease rest period between sets
  • Increase training frequency
  • Change of training format

Stay on top of your program and give each session 110%. When you are in the gym don’t think about how busy you are or how heavy your arms might feel. You have enough time to think about these things when you are finished. It’s time to get serious!


Tip of The Day – Sweet Cravings

When you feel like something sweet, do not despair!

It is this very point that a lot of people forget about clean eating. They grab the nearest sugar laden food because the thought of living another minute without something sweet seems impossible! My quick fix is a cup of loose leaf dandelion tea with fresh lemon and a few drops of organic stevia.

If you find you are constantly craving sweets you need to do one or both of the following,

1. Eat more fats. If you eat enough fats you will not crave sugar. Eat at least 1 teaspoon of organic fats with each meal. Put organic butter on your vegetables, sauté food in coconut oil and dress your salads with cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.

2. Come to terms with the real reason you are craving something sweet. This would be emotional. Are you stopping yourself from reaching your ultimate goal for reasons like a personal belief that you’re not worthy to be completely happy? Or are you masking other uncomfortable feelings with food that makes you feel good?

Whatever the issue is that keeps you going back for more, find out what it is, because really, enough is enough. If you are one of these people, take the following on board.

You have lived every year up to now with the same food and lifestyle patterns, giving you the same body that you’re not satisfied with. It is not too late. Live the rest of your life in the best shape of your life. Plus, continue living in the healthiest body you have ever had.

You do not need a new year to make changes, but it just so happens 2013 is literally just over a week away. Make the changes now and start living like the person you need to be to have the results you deserve.

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