Tip Of The Day!

The only person you have to be better than is the one you were yesterday. If you stay determined and keep climbing the ladder of personal success you will surpass all your expectations. That is how you get to the next level.


Eat treats & stay lean. This is how…

Anyone who has achieved fat loss, increased their muscle tone and transformed their body inside and out, know one thing. The only way they reached their goal was by eating clean and training hard consistently, day after day, week after week. Such a person would only eat a treat meal when they had earned it and so, an indulgence would have little affect on their body composition.

What does this tell you? Before you relax a little and have your treat more often than no,t you must build up your bank. You must put in the hard yards before you can loosen up a bit. If you loose focus before you reached this stage you will continue to undo your hard work, you will plateau and your body will not get to that next level.

So make the sacrifices now and be disciplined. You will want to give up, but whatever you do, DON’T! Do not give into your emotions. Your rational mind must be the leader in this internal debate. Turn around your behaviours and if you’re doing well, do even better.

Be the best version of YOU that you can be!


Train Like An Athlete!



Success is not a skill..it is a persistent attitude! 

How do you know if you are training hard enough?

Your heart rate should be up

Your respiratory rate will increase

You will sweat

Your muscles will burn and feel heavy

Your weight should be heavy enough so you get to the end of your set, you should not be able to lift anymore

You do not stop and talk to people during your workout

Your technique, exertion and consistency in movement is more important than your hair or clothes. Do not stop mid-way to fix your appearance!

You leave the gym satisfied, the muscles you trained are fatigued..and you’re hungry…ready to eat!

Are you training like you want results?

How bad do you want it?


Picture your dream body. What do you see? Chiseled abs, tight legs and toned arms? That type of body, like the one in the photo above is earned. This type of transformation won’t just happen. You must engage in behaviours that this person would have, such as eating clean every day, week after week, and training with 110% intensity  in every session. It is not impossible, it will take time, you will have to persist and the reward WILL be worth it! Also remember that if it was that easy to look like this, everyone would look this incredible. Hard work plus commitment always pays off!

Start today because a year from now you would have wished you did. Email me to find out how I can help you take your body to that next level. resultstrainer@live.com

Tip of The Day – Sweet Cravings

When you feel like something sweet, do not despair!

It is this very point that a lot of people forget about clean eating. They grab the nearest sugar laden food because the thought of living another minute without something sweet seems impossible! My quick fix is a cup of loose leaf dandelion tea with fresh lemon and a few drops of organic stevia.

If you find you are constantly craving sweets you need to do one or both of the following,

1. Eat more fats. If you eat enough fats you will not crave sugar. Eat at least 1 teaspoon of organic fats with each meal. Put organic butter on your vegetables, sauté food in coconut oil and dress your salads with cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.

2. Come to terms with the real reason you are craving something sweet. This would be emotional. Are you stopping yourself from reaching your ultimate goal for reasons like a personal belief that you’re not worthy to be completely happy? Or are you masking other uncomfortable feelings with food that makes you feel good?

Whatever the issue is that keeps you going back for more, find out what it is, because really, enough is enough. If you are one of these people, take the following on board.

You have lived every year up to now with the same food and lifestyle patterns, giving you the same body that you’re not satisfied with. It is not too late. Live the rest of your life in the best shape of your life. Plus, continue living in the healthiest body you have ever had.

You do not need a new year to make changes, but it just so happens 2013 is literally just over a week away. Make the changes now and start living like the person you need to be to have the results you deserve.

happy woman at beach

The Ultimate Key to Success

The ultimate key to success is discipline! Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.

Whether or not you transform your body and get it to that next level will come down how you implement the strategies required to get lean and build muscles.

Top level athletes know this. For instance they,

  • Eat clean each day, week after week, only choosing to have ‘free’ meals when their body has earned it and when it will be mostly beneficial in promoting adaptations at the cellular level for fat loss and muscle gain, i.e. carb cycling. 
  • Get plenty of quality, uninterrupted sleep. Turn off your phone and put it away when you go to bed. The world will carry on without you and you are not obligated to reply to every text, call or email straight away. You have a life! 
  • Learn to say no! It is ok to decline a social invitation or other forms of requests if you do not have the time or mind space to full-fill them. 
  • Educate themselves on topics that will assist them on their journey, for example, refreshing ones memory on the mechanisms of ketosis for fat loss and why it’s the most effective way to get lean. 
  • Only associating with like-minded people and maintaining friendships with others who have similar goals. Do not waste your time with emotional vampires who drain your energy. The road to brilliant success will be more challenging if you take on negative vibrations from others. 
  • Expect to succeed and you will. If you believe you will win, you definitely will. This is a no brainer because you will make it that there is no other way for it to be. 
  • Lastly, you should know that when you begin to value yourself to the highest degree and demand success because you know it’s your birthright, all these points will happen easily and naturally.
  • This is how I conduct myself and live my life. I always thought that I was lucky because I know that everything I do, I do well and I always end up with what I set out to get. But I now understand that it is not luck. It is determination, a desire to never give up on what I want most and a sense of appreciating everyone else around me and wanting them to rise with me and realise their dreams too. 


Tip of the day

How to live like a winner.

Winners do not give up. Winners practise discipline day in and day out. Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want MOST. So when you feel like bingeing or eating food that is counterproductive to attaining the results you require, know that you need to practise reminding yourself of your goals and you need to work harder on creating a bigger picture of your ultimate dream.

Make the sacrifices because in the end everything will be worth it!