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Follow me on instagram @sylvixsylvx

Follow me on instagram @sylvixsylvx

The importance of forgiveness


If you want to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life then this is true. Resentment manifests in the physical body in all different ways that will eventually affect your health. We need to forgive all the time, everyday and for our entire lives.

Forgiveness is being able to fully empathise with another’s actions and then completely letting go. It doesn’t mean you condone the behaviour, rather you choose to move forward with no energetic ties attached.

You don’t need to know how to forgive, but if you want to forgive then the universe will show you how. But you need to let go of all associated feelings and thoughts to be aligned with what you need to see.

Tip of the day!

One easy way to heal yourself is through service to others. Helping people and add value to their lives assists you to evolve by removing yourself from your current situation.

Stepping away to see yourself in a different light allows you to empathise with yourself to truly see the real reasons and feelings driving you down a certain path.

It is human nature for all behaviours to be driven by what is highest on one’s list of values. This is natural and should be encouraged as one’s passion can lead them to the fulfilment of their destiny.

However, when behaviours are more negative than positive then you should reassess the hierarchy of what’s most and least important to you. In this life you were born with everything to gain. Success is your birthright and so your actions should be aligned with this notion in order to keep moving forward.


Angelic Reminders

386269_229384460470436_100001966520598_525264_531477907_nAs I was driving my car the other day with the window half open, a white feather blew in and landed on my lap. I believe white feathers are reminders of heaven that our angels send to us to remind us of our connection with spirit.

When you begin to feel stressed with everything going on in your life, stop and remember, the solution to the issue is never at the level of the problem.

Your main priority on earth is the evolution of your conciousness. So step away and allow things to be. There is a hidden order in the universe that you are unable to see if you are not grounded and preoccupied with earth bound thinking. If you endeavour to view things from your heart centre your eyes will be open to see it.

Everything always works out in the end. My daily connection with the divine assures me of this so I can say it to you.


Present moment

Remember that you are more than whatever you are experiencing in your present life. The real source of you is above you and a true description of who you really are. Emotions that are out of balance signify that you need to ground yourself because the earth bound perception of who you think you are is currently amplifying certain energy centres. Become peaceful by removing yourself consciously from unbalanced vibrations and move into a balanced existence through meditation, reflection and practising the ultimate art of self care.

The power of intuition

We are all born with the gift of intuition. The inner knowing that you feel in your gut serves as a guide to direct you towards your destiny.

Each person you meet, obstacle you encounter and choice you make serves it’s purpose by playing it’s role in the evolution of your consciousness. If you are ever stuck, not knowing what direction to take your life that is your answer. You came here for personal growth and to accomplish tasks that are unique to your soul’s progression. There is nothing good or bad, it is all just learning.

So when you don’t know which way to turn, go in the direction of your heart. It will lead you to where you are meant to be.

Spending time in nature grounds your vibration. Do it as often as you can.

Spending time in nature grounds your vibration. Do it as often as you can.

How to stop worrying

Something I realised this morning while I was walking.

There is never a loss without a gain. So when something goes wrong you have to ask ‘how does it serve me’.

Looking back at my past experiences I realise I have gone through a lot of pain, but I also received a lot of positives. Whenever I feel anxiety about something that I think might cause me more loss than pleasure based on past experiences, I have to neutralise past memories by realising all the positives I received from the event until the positives outweigh the negatives, and the  negatives dissolve.

I know that fear is an imbalanced perspective because there are no one sided events. I realise that there is nothing to feel anxious about because no matter what happens I will be able to handle it and I will receive a gain.

Moreover, I decided that being happy is a choice, so no outside event can ever take it away from me.