Tip of the day!

One easy way to heal yourself is through service to others. Helping people and add value to their lives assists you to evolve by removing yourself from your current situation.

Stepping away to see yourself in a different light allows you to empathise with yourself to truly see the real reasons and feelings driving you down a certain path.

It is human nature for all behaviours to be driven by what is highest on one’s list of values. This is natural and should be encouraged as one’s passion can lead them to the fulfilment of their destiny.

However, when behaviours are more negative than positive then you should reassess the hierarchy of what’s most and least important to you. In this life you were born with everything to gain. Success is your birthright and so your actions should be aligned with this notion in order to keep moving forward.


Tip Of The Day!

The only person you have to be better than is the one you were yesterday. If you stay determined and keep climbing the ladder of personal success you will surpass all your expectations. That is how you get to the next level.


Tip Of The Day- How to say no to food during the holidays!

Over the Christmas and holiday period we will all be attending lunches, dinners and parties. Unfortunately not all our friends are Paleo devotees and will not prepare food that we want to eat! So how do politely say no to food you know is not good for you?

My easy way out is to tell the person ‘thank you, I would love to taste this food but I am allergic!’ This is actually true for because I have coeliac disease! So the up side is I am not lying!

I also eat a high protein and fat meal before I go out so I do not crave to eat anything I shouldn’t.

How do you get around this? Post your strategies in the comment box below!