Angelic Reminders

386269_229384460470436_100001966520598_525264_531477907_nAs I was driving my car the other day with the window half open, a white feather blew in and landed on my lap. I believe white feathers are reminders of heaven that our angels send to us to remind us of our connection with spirit.

When you begin to feel stressed with everything going on in your life, stop and remember, the solution to the issue is never at the level of the problem.

Your main priority on earth is the evolution of your conciousness. So step away and allow things to be. There is a hidden order in the universe that you are unable to see if you are not grounded and preoccupied with earth bound thinking. If you endeavour to view things from your heart centre your eyes will be open to see it.

Everything always works out in the end. My daily connection with the divine assures me of this so I can say it to you.