6 Foods That Will Kill You!

1. Margarine. Chemically engineered and one molecule away from being classed as a plastic. View the diagram below. Need I say more?


2. Canola oil and vegetable oil. Both man-made and did not exist prior to the invention of machines! What does this mean? Remember, your DNA has only evolved 1% from 10,000 years ago. Your body does not recognise it as food. More to this, the hydrogenation process makes it carcinogenic! It does not take a medical degree to work out if something is good for you or not. If your body does not recognise something as food, it will over years and decades cause  oxidation, cell damage, disease and death. Please do not do it to yourself or your loved ones! Avoid these oils at all costs.

3. Frozen meals, like Lean Cuisine. Full of sugar, fructose, hydrogenated oils, soy, preservatives, medium to poor quality ingredients and other things that do not agree with your DNA. If you eat these foods you will become fat, more hungry and sick.

4. Soft drinks and diet sodas. Full of chemicals and sugar that will only make you fat and cause disease. Avoid like the plague.

5. McDonalds, KFC, Krispy Creme and other fast food chains from the same field. Too many reasons but in brief here is why! A lot of these restaurants use GMO ingredients that over decades will interfere with your DNA, cause disease and kill you. Sugar and hydrogenated oils are used generously in their meals and will make you obese also kill you. I am not being dramatic, it is the plain old truth.

6. Genetically Modified Ingredients. Moving forward from the above point, there is no reason why you should be eating food that contains altered DNA. Your body is an extremely intelligent machine that knows exactly what it needs and what to do for optimum health. Your body craves real food, not fake, completely altered versions of food.

If you are new to this information I am very glad you found this page. You are now armed with basic knowledge food choices to change to lead a healthy, disease free life with optimum body composition. Do not delay making the change and DO NOT include any of these foods as a ‘treat meal’.

Our bodies are amazing and it is our responsibility to look after them the best we can. You cannot afford to eat cheap food.

Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.



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