You know you’re Paleo when…

  • You hang around a different group of people for the first time who eat sandwiches, ice-cream and drink cheap coffee out of polystyrene cups. (which is extremely toxic by the way!) and you find them strange!
  • You read the label on every type of packaged food, even bagged spinach (to check for nitrogen and other chemicals!)
  • You turn your nose up at conventional fast food and would rather go hungry for a few hours and wait until you reach home to eat something.
  • Everything you want to eat requires you to make it from scratch!
  • You have a thousand recipes on how to make Paleo desserts and little tricks to make food extra special.
  • You believe that people who eat hydrogenated toxic oils, such as canola and vegetable oil are basically signing their own death certificate!
  • You cringe when you see a baby or small child eat McDonalds.
  • You only shop in the perimeter of your supermarket and hardly ever venture down the aisles!
  • You find sugar and all it’s ill-fated consequences extremely off-putting!
  • Sleep in a pitch black room is one of your top priorities. You hate interrupted sleep!

Comment below with your own theories!




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