Fat Blasting Workout – Undo Holiday Damage!


When it comes to exercising for fat loss INTENSITY during the session is what matters!

This post doesn’t suggest that you can eat what you want this Christmas, then train and it will all be ok! You still need to watch what you eat! Calories do not count or matter. What matters is how food influences your hormones, as it is they which determine if your body stores or burns fat and produce health promoting or health damaging effects to the cells of your body. 

Do not forget your Paleo roots and eat hydrogenated, rancid, toxic oils such as canola and vegetable oil! Do not eat so much refined sugar that you start to feel sick!

What you can eat, is a bit more of what you normally eat or what falls into the Paleo category, such as, more root vegetables like potatoes on Christmas day or a Paleo friendly dessert.

So to get the most out of your training over the holiday period, here are some strategies to implement that mobilise as much stored glycogen and fat as possible! 

  1. Choose weight training instead of long, slow distance cardio. Weight training uses far more energy during the workout and also after for growth and repair of muscle cells.
  2. Select compound movements to perform with weights. These type of exercises will use more energy than isolation exercises.
  3. Perform bouts of high intense cardio movements between sets, i.e. burpees or skipping.
  4. Perform high intensity cardio, for instance, a 20minute running interval session. No longer than 10-20minutes. If you can go for longer you are not working hard enough. Note, HIIT is not for people new to exercise or pregnant.

Fat Blasting Holiday Circuit!

  1. One chin-up + one push-up X 15
  2. 1 minute skipping
  3. One D.B squat + one D.B shoulder press X 15
  4. 1 minute burpees
  5. 1 D.B walking lunge + 1 D.B bicep curl X 20
  6. 1 minute kettlebell swings
  7. Kettlebell squat to overhead press X 15

Perform in order from 1 to 7, 3-4 times. You should sweat, your heart rate will increase and at the end you should feel physically exhausted.

Who inspires you to stay in shape over the holidays? I always look up to Erin Stern to train hard, eat clean and stay disciplined at all times!

Who inspires you to stay in shape over the holidays? I always look up to Erin Stern to train hard, eat clean and stay disciplined at all times!


IMPORTANT, DISCLAIMER: This workout is for intermediate to advanced trainers. Seek clearance from your physician prior to commencing any physically activity including this program, especially if you have a heart condition, diabetes, injuries and any other form of infirmity. This program is not suitable for pregnant women.


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