Tip Of The Day – Get Results With Progressive Overload!

When it comes to weight training there are numerous principles that must be varied when working towards specific goals.

In general, progressive overload is crucial if you want to get stronger, tighter and leaner. Progressive overload must be employed when the weight you are using becomes too easy and when you stop seeing results.

Examples of progressive overload are,

  • Increase number of sets
  • Increase number of reps
  • Increase weight. When you get to the end of your set you should not be able to lift anymore.
  • Decrease rest period between sets
  • Increase training frequency
  • Change of training format

Stay on top of your program and give each session 110%. When you are in the gym don’t think about how busy you are or how heavy your arms might feel. You have enough time to think about these things when you are finished. It’s time to get serious!



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