Tip Of The Day- How to say no to food during the holidays!

Over the Christmas and holiday period we will all be attending lunches, dinners and parties. Unfortunately not all our friends are Paleo devotees and will not prepare food that we want to eat! So how do politely say no to food you know is not good for you?

My easy way out is to tell the person ‘thank you, I would love to taste this food but I am allergic!’ This is actually true for because I have coeliac disease! So the up side is I am not lying!

I also eat a high protein and fat meal before I go out so I do not crave to eat anything I shouldn’t.

How do you get around this? Post your strategies in the comment box below! 



4 thoughts on “Tip Of The Day- How to say no to food during the holidays!

  1. Some people don’t want to take a flat out “no” so I tell them “I’ll see how I feel in a bit, I’ll have some if I feel hungry.” They usually forget and I usually don’t feel hungry again. 🙂

  2. My wife is from Chile, I am an Australian, we both have different diets but sometimes combine two foodstyles, I am mainly a meat eater, Ana is mainly soup, salad and vegetable style. I have adapted to some of her foods such as Empenada and Pevre, she samples my styles but in the end we are comfortably satisfied with our lifestyle eating habits. As for eating out, we state straight out that certain foods dont go with us, we tend to only socialize with friends who are not opportune caterers, in other words our friends relate to our choice of foods.
    Well thats my bit for the day.
    Wishing you a beaut Christmas.
    Aussie Ian

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