The Ultimate Key to Success

The ultimate key to success is discipline! Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.

Whether or not you transform your body and get it to that next level will come down how you implement the strategies required to get lean and build muscles.

Top level athletes know this. For instance they,

  • Eat clean each day, week after week, only choosing to have ‘free’ meals when their body has earned it and when it will be mostly beneficial in promoting adaptations at the cellular level for fat loss and muscle gain, i.e. carb cycling. 
  • Get plenty of quality, uninterrupted sleep. Turn off your phone and put it away when you go to bed. The world will carry on without you and you are not obligated to reply to every text, call or email straight away. You have a life! 
  • Learn to say no! It is ok to decline a social invitation or other forms of requests if you do not have the time or mind space to full-fill them. 
  • Educate themselves on topics that will assist them on their journey, for example, refreshing ones memory on the mechanisms of ketosis for fat loss and why it’s the most effective way to get lean. 
  • Only associating with like-minded people and maintaining friendships with others who have similar goals. Do not waste your time with emotional vampires who drain your energy. The road to brilliant success will be more challenging if you take on negative vibrations from others. 
  • Expect to succeed and you will. If you believe you will win, you definitely will. This is a no brainer because you will make it that there is no other way for it to be. 
  • Lastly, you should know that when you begin to value yourself to the highest degree and demand success because you know it’s your birthright, all these points will happen easily and naturally.
  • This is how I conduct myself and live my life. I always thought that I was lucky because I know that everything I do, I do well and I always end up with what I set out to get. But I now understand that it is not luck. It is determination, a desire to never give up on what I want most and a sense of appreciating everyone else around me and wanting them to rise with me and realise their dreams too. 



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